Automatic Steriliser For Home And Business!

Proven To Kill Germs, Including Viruses

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The Bizgad Touchpoint Steriliser works automatically by sanitizing touchpoints like door handles with a special UV-C light. The unit is very easily installed above the door handle, elevator button or any other public touchpoints. The Steriliser is effective against bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 (when exposed to the UV-C light).

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Germ Cleaner

Door Handle And Touchpoint Germ Killer Up To 99.99% Sterilization Rate.
Germicidal Lamp that Kills Germs with direct UV-C light exposure.
Mainly used for killing viruses.

Infrared Sensor

Infrared Sensor for automatic on and off. The touchpoint steriliser will only work after the person left from the vicinity of the steriliser.


180° Angle Adjustable to fit different applications. Designed for easy installation and removal in seconds. 


Lithium Battery

Built-in Lithium Battery:2000mAh, USB Charge 5V 1A.

Battery Life for each charge: 72-96 Hours(varies by usage)

UV-C Light

UV light works by damaging the DNA of bacteria and the DNA or RNA of viruses. If you damage the DNA of the bacteria it dies, and if you damage the nucleic acid of the virus enough it cannot infect


 It’s suitable to use in the toilet, elevator, kitchen, shoe cabinets, and multiple other spaces and locations.

Kills Up To 99.9% Of Germs

Our Customers Love The New Steriliser

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out of 5

” That was exactly what my business needed for the door handles. perfect solution that uses UV light to constantly sterilize the door handles. More effective than current chemical-based cleaning techniques. “

2 January, 2021 / Ralph JR

” So glad I made the decision to buy this. Have only just started using it and it already has made life easier. The product is easy to use after you set it up.
Just the press of a button and it steralises the door on it’s own…fantastic. “

27 January, 2021 / Gloria S

” One of the many items a business needs!!
This UV steriliser is the absolute most used and useful item we have for our business in this pandemic. “

27 Nov / Calla Wang

Absolutely worth the small investment it gives confidence to my patients when they walked in my clinic and use the door handle.

You won’t regret buying this!

12 January, 2021 / Dr freedman

” I like the steriliser but would love to have it in orange colour to match the public bathroom door we have. “

3 March, 2021 / Rina

The new steriliser is now available for only AUD$29.95 including free shipping in Australia.

no chemicals only light

Germicidal Lamp that Kills Germs with direct UV-C light exposure.

100 %
Kills Up To 99.9% Of Viruses
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