Bizgad is an Australian-owned and operated business, providing various products that use UV-C light, to sterilize a large variety of items.

The idea for Bizgad sterilizer came from the keen observation of home and public places and the understanding that infections can be transferred very easily by touching the same surface or items.

Our Touchpoint Sterilizer (designed to sanitize door handles and high traffic touchpoints), is very effective in regard to limiting the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other viruses/germs. The advantage of this type of device is that the virus/germs are killed before they are able to be spread by people touching door handles. If an infected person enters a room (with a mask on), they can still infect others because they have touched the door handle.

The Bizgad Touchpoint Sterilizer works automatically by sanitizing the door handle with a special UV-C light. The unit is very easily installed above the door handle and only requires charging once every three days. The Sterilizer is effective against bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 (when exposed to the UV-C light).

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